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West Trainz

This new musical railway odyssey of 24 compositions co-written by Erik West Millette and Olaf Gundel, and illustrated by Yves Archambault, is full of poetry, recounting 150 years of unusual stories that have forged modern North American society. From Canada to Mexico, Rail Nomads offers a fascinating musical epic of North America guided by the railroaders traveling on freight trains. A tribute to the builders, railroaders, hobos and rail nomads.

With Blues, Rock, Folk and Hip-Hop sounds - somewhere between The Black Keys, Neil Young and Ennio Morricone - West Trainz instills a sense of total freedom with Rail Nomads. Cinematographic music of different styles with the world of freight trains as a thread

Train Song

An album of train songs, featuring many artists, including Willie West, Nanette Workman, Emilie-Claire Barlow, Bia, Betty Bonifassi, Annick Brémault, Alexa Dirks, Andrina Turenne, Zachary Richard, Jordan Officer, Thomas Hellman, Steve Hill, Guy Bélanger, Yves Desrosiers, Freddy Koella, Chris Stafford, Charles Papasoff, Sacha Daoud, Francis Covan and Tony Albino.


West Trainz

West Trainz is the fruition of roughly 20 years of travel, exploration and formal work. Above all, it is meant as a tribute to the major transcontinental express trains. Over the years, his pieces have drawn from the train’s “trance-like” effect, blending 24 instrumental compositions of concrete railway music. The book is his traveller’s journal about his travelling days.


A surprise EP from West Trainz that came out in the spring of 2017, Electro Magnetik (remixes by Lucas paris) is comprised of four groovy titles that take Erik West Millette’s project in a new direction, thanks to the young electronic artist Lucas Paris.

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